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Birth Chart Analysis 

This session last 60 minutes. I use Western astrology for birth chart analysis.
Astrology is a great tool for understanding our behavior and characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. During this session we speak freely about points of interest in your natal chart and I answer questions you may have.
We also discuss personal life events, current personal transits, and insights into your purpose, innate gifts and life path according to the astrology. This session does not require you have an in-depth knowledge of astrology. I provide information based on my intuitive understanding of western astrology in combination with tools such as oracle cards.
Understanding yourself more fully by examining your birth chart can provide clarity and a greater sense of direction. 
I value your time and encourage clients to prepare questions and points of discussion before the session begins. I provide these services as an intuitive guide and information shared during the session is not to replace the advice of legal, medical, or financial professionals. Although I upholds every measure to ensure confidentiality of sessions, please use discernment and do not disclose any information you feel is of a criminal nature. 

**Sessions are reserved for the booking party only. Please do not invite other parties on the video chat without prior consent or make public any footage following our one-on-one session.

Coaching Session 

This session is designed around the issues or victories you would like to expound on in order to move forward. Feeling stuck? Spiritually lost? Are you a genius who simply needs someone to listen to your life-size ideas. I have created the time and space to build with you on topics that matter most on your spiritual journey. 

Perhaps you are intrigued by what you're experiencing during this time of awakening. With mounting pressures around family, career, health and relationships we can all use a fresh perspective from time to time. Having a listening ear as we express our intentions can be the most beneficial step toward progress. Whatever you are interested in building on is laid out during this hour and 30 minute session. Feel heard and understood as these sessions are a judgement free space.

S.H.A.R.E - 4 Week Session

This in-depth session extends across 4 weeks and allows time for more transparent conversation and result based interaction. We each have something to share with the world but aren't always sure how it will show up and direct our lives. Discussions centered in faith, spiritual wisdom, and metaphysical understanding give way to an elevated state of consciousness and therefore a more refined life experience. 

By exploring the deeper layers of who and what we are as beings on this planet, we reveal our purpose and the spirit, heart, attitude, resource, and energy behind it. What an empowering thought! 

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