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Umi Speaks houses a space for people of all faiths and backgrounds to express their inner wisdom and pursue the Divine right to knowledge of self. Through teachings that support inner awakening and healing on a soul level, this space encourages personal development that contributes to powerful collective change.

Spiritual Teacher + Intuitive Guide


Speaking to people about subjects that challenge and inspire their spiritual beliefs has become my life's work. For the past 9 years, I've coached and advised people of all ages using spiritual principles that initiate inner awakening. After years of personal transformation, psychological healing, and emotional refinement, I know I am called to extend my loving insights and service of healing to others. Human evolution is a collective endeavor, yet it is an individual experience. We could all use a little guidance on this journey.

K. Rivera

Boston, MA

"Thank you so much!! I know I will come back to this often.


I felt so much lighter and with more clarity after our session, THANK YOU!!"

Ana V.

Puerto Rico

"You are so great! And what our Lord is doing through you.. Is absolutely Beautiful!!! 

I wish I could have recorded our call.

I have no words other than “WOW!” Right now and I can’t even describe what I feel. "

Janessa L.

Park Ridge, IL

"I can't thank you enough for our sesion.

It was enlightening!

Your aura, wisdom and beauty are a gift to this world. I am forever grateful that I came across your content."

N. Matsuno


"I’ve occasionally felt seen but rarely understood, and your explanation/articulation was deeply helpful on so many levels🙏💙


You have a beautiful voice too :-)"

Schedule Your Confidential One-on-One Session Today!


Let me guess, this is your first time doing something like this. Whether you've consulted with a life coach, astrologer, counselor or medium before, it can be a little intimidating reaching out to engage in personal conversation. Don't worry, not only are sessions confidential but they're designed to give you the space to explore your thoughts and emotions without fear of being judged. 

Expect the Unexpected

Change is a positive sign we are making some sort of progress, and yes that change can feel abrupt and sometimes destructive. Remember, even destruction is part of the process of new beginnings. If you're ready to make necessary changes in your life starting with your outlook, schedule your session below and let's get started.


There's no better feeling than a sense of clarity moving forward. 

The journey begins with you.