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Individuals participating in sessions must be 18+ or provide the expressed consent of a parent or legal guardian. Coaching sessions are held as one-on-one virtual meetings with the use of video. To ensure your privacy video is not recorded; however, a recap from the session is sent to the email provided within 48 hrs. Umi Speaks, llc values your confidentiality and request that third parties refrain from participating in sessions without prior consent. Although self-expression is encouraged, abusive or sexual speech directed at the moderator may result in terminating the session without further notice. 

Most sessions are held using Skype or Zoom. Clients can access the free app for video conferencing online or on most mobile devices.


*The online scheduling system is the US CENTRAL Time Zone. There will be no refunds for missed appointments due to time difference. If you are uncertain, please go online and check a time zone clock to confirm prior to your appointment.​​​ 

Umi Speaks, llc is a coaching service and should in no way replace professional legal, medical, or financial advice. Information shared is voluntary and as such Umi Speaks, llc advises against sharing anything deemed incriminating or threatening. 

For more information email us: