Bridging The Gap

Peace, all of you know me as Umi and I'm thankful to share my journey with you. Through countless Youtube videos I've shared personal and spiritual experiences to inspire others as they explore inner awakening.

I understand we each have our unique stories and find ourselves at a place in life where the need to know outweighs the comfort of ignorance. Knowledge of Self, knowledge of God, knowledge of one's purpose is not an easy pursuit in today's world but remains attainable. Undoubtedly, I am called to assist others as they unravel the mysteries surrounding soul growth and spiritual development. 

For some, applying metaphysical and esoteric teachings is the level in which they grasp spiritual wisdom and thus shouldn't be hidden any longer. My intention is to always guide others in love, wisdom, and discernment. I am fulfilled being in service to others in a way that uplifts and empowers. 

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